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Knights of Columbus
Mother Teresa Council 12099
2547 Kipling Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario. M9V 3A8

The Voice


Grand Knight's Message
From Chaplain's Desk
Programme Report
Community Activities
Council Activities

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Grand Knight's Message
Dear Brother Knights:
A new year has dawned on us and my wife and I would like to take this opportunity to wish happiness, peace and prosperity to you and your families.
We are indeed faced with new beginnings in more ways than one. We should, therefore, ensure that we plan ahead to make this year meaningful to all of us both spiritually and in the Knights of Columbus family. With this in mind, we have a number of things that I would like to draw to your attention.
As decided during our December 1997 General Meeting, our meeting night is now the third Tuesday of each month. This will be preceded by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated for us by our Chaplain at 7.30 p.m. Please make it a point to attend this Mass to show what our Faith means to us. We hope to introduce in these Masses the special liturgy in preparation for the Millennium as compiled by our State Chaplain Emeritus.

The installation of our first Executive will take place on Sunday, January 25, 1998 immediately following the 12.15 p.m. Mass. I would request all Council members to attend the Mass with their families to make this event a memorable one. All married members of the Executive should attend with their wives as they will have a part to play in the installation.
There are a number of events planned for the near future. Two of these are our Charter Dinner & Dance and the other is the Car Draw Raffle in aid of the Arthritis Foundation. More details of both these events are to be found later in this bulletin.
Finally, brothers, attendance at our General Meetings is very important as this is one way of showing our support to the principles of the Order. 25 of our 37 members attended the December meeting. Although this is praiseworthy, we should aim for 100% attendance. In addition, we require volunteers to help with our various activities. I sincerely hope that you will come forward as it is only with your cooperation and help that we shall be able to make a success of our Council

Nuno de Lima

Grand Knight

From the Chaplain's Desk
First of all, a Blessed New Year to you all. Jesus is born to us and it is with great excitement and honour that I write this first article in the "Voice of Mother of Teresa Council". It was only a few short months ago that an ideal in the mind of our Pastor Fr. Stephen Kopfensteiner, became a reality. Council 12099 was instituted with the sheer determination and faith of the people of St. Andrew's Parish.
I would like to reflect a bit on the life of Mother Teresa who will be the patron of our Council. When we think of Mother Teresa, we think of the Order that she founded - The Missionaries of Charity. First, one woman, Mother Teresa, then a little band of young volunteers went out on the streets of Calcutta. A million refugees filled the city, which lacked food, shelter and all resources for them. Mother Teresa started with a small slum school in 1948 teaching the children of the poor. Mother Teresa had been a teacher with the Loreto sisters for twenty-five years but nothing could prepare her for the desperation and misery she was immersed in. Mother Teresa stated: "In the choice of works, there was neither planning nor preconceived ideas. We started our work as the sufferings of the people called us. God showed us what He wanted us to do." In 1950 the group was established by the Church as a Diocesan Congregation of the Calcutta Diocese. It was known as the Missionaries of Charity. The spirit was that of seeing Jesus in every person, specially the poorest person. To be able to understand the poor, the Sisters choose poverty, which has become, said Mother Teresa "their freedom, joy and strength."
The Congregation of Missionaries of Charity was recognized by the Vatican as a Pontifical Congregation in 1965. The Sisters moved to every major city in the world bringing the message of Christ's love and comfort to the poor. In 1984 the Missionary of Charity Fathers were founded. In all of this remarkable story, one thing remains constant - the faith of a sister in God and aiding the poor.
The Mother Teresa Council has a big reputation to continue. It is my hope that we can imbue our Council with the spirit of Mother Teresa - strong in faith and tirelessly helping our community.
This new year 1998 we begin the year dedicated to the Holy Spirit in preparation for the great Jubilee. As we thank God for the blessings that we received in the past year, let us implore him for guidance and well being during this new year. We ask this with the aid of the Holy Spirit who guided Mother Teresa's life.
Fr. Xavier de Pinto


Programme Report
Brothers, I have been appointed by the Worthy Grand Knight to take over the function of Programme Director. This function involves organizing and running the various activities that the Council has decided upon. However, to make the programme a success, it is important that all members can involved.
I cannot run the programme alone and I am, therefore, requesting that members volunteer to take charge of the following activities:
Church Activities, which include activities such as vocations, lay apostolate, parochial services, religious devotions and Christ in Christmas.
Community Activities, which include Pro-life, volunteerism, human needs, civic involvement, environment, public safety, health services and decency.
Council Activities, which include public relations, fraternalism, cultural, social, blood donors and athletics.
Family Activities, which include survivors' assistance, memorials, education, communications, family of the month/year, family projects, recreation and family week.
Youth Activities, which include Columbian Squires, youth groups, athletics, educational programmes, youth welfare, religious activities and social activities.

I have indicated against each the various activities that we can be involved in. This does not mean that we shall to deal with all of them. We shall have to decide what we can do effectively considering our limited resources and then gradually build on them.
Brothers, I shall be asking you at our General Meeting to come forward and volunteer. Please be generous with your time and let us make our Council a vibrant one in the spirit of Mother Teresa.
John da Silva

Programme Director

Community Activities

Pro-life Activities
The first activity the Council was involved in was the sale of cakes at Christmas time. Thanks to the efforts of brother knights, who assisted at this event, we were able to raise approximately $840.00. The total proceeds will be donated to Campaign Life
The Council was unable to obtain cakes as the order had to be submitted even before the Council was constituted. Thanks to Humber Valley Council, we were able to obtain a supply. Unfortunately, this was not enough to meet the high demand. We have, however, gained a fair idea of the sales that can be generated for this occasion and we should be able to obtain a more adequate supply for this year's event in December.

Health Services
The Ontario State Council has provided us with 200 ticket books for the annual car draw raffle in aid of the Arthritis Foundation. These will be available at the January General meeting and it is hoped that all members will assist with the sale of the tickets. There are valuable prizes to be won both individually and for the Council. So, do come forward and try to sell a few of the books.

 Council Activities

The installation of the first Executive of Mother Teresa Council will take place on Sunday, January 25, 1998 immediately following the 12.15 p.m. Mass. All members of the Council should make it a point to attend the Mass and the installation as this is a historic occasion for the Council. The married members of the Executive should be accompanied by their wives as they will have a part to play in the installation. After the installation, everyone should congregate in the Council chamber for some socializing.

Plans are being made to host our Charter Dinner & Dance either towards the end of February 1998 or in the beginning of March 1998. More details will be provided as soon as the arrangements have been finalized. In the meantime, please try to keep that time open for this event as in all likelihood our Charter will be presented to us at that time.

Membership is the lifeblood of any Council. It is, therefore, important that current members remain and that we make every effort to add to our numbers.
Bills for the 1998 dues have been mailed out to all members. You should arrange to pay this bill as quickly as possible. The 1997 travel cards are valid only to the end of February 1998 after which you will not be able to attend meetings without the 1998 cards. This means that you have to pay your dues before the abovementioned expiry date to ensure that you get your new cards and thus maintain your membership. You should contact the Grand Knight or the Financial Secretary if you experience any difficulties in paying these dues.
The Council has had a good start with 37 members. A complete directory is enclosed for your use. Please make sure that you do not share this listing with any non-members
The start we have made is not enough and we must add to these numbers. This can best be achieved if each member asked one other person to join. If we all did this, we could easily double our membership in a very short time.

Meeting Times
Monthly, every 3rd Tuesday.

Mass 7:30pm